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"Malaysia Chinese Singer" “大马音乐人”

"Malaysia Chinese Singer" “大马音乐人”

POPULAR MUSIC(Singer/Lyrist/Music Composer):

Che'Nelle also Cheryline Lim - Popular International Pop Singer
Ah Niu (Tan Kheng Seong, 阿牛/陈庆祥) - singer
second season of Malaysian Idol
Danny One (温力铭) - singer
Daniel Lee Chee Hun (李吉汉) - singer who won the
Eric Moo (巫启贤) - Taiwan-based singer
Fish Leong (梁静茹) - Taiwan-based singer
Guang Liang (王光良) - singer
Karen Kong (龚建诗) - singer from Labuan island, East Malaysia. She performs in Malay, which is quite unusual for a Malaysian Chinese singer.
Lin Jian Hui (林健辉) - singer
Lin Yu Zhong also Lim Yee Chung (林宇中) -singer
Nicholas Teo (张栋梁) - singer
Penny Tai (戴佩妮) - singer-songwriter who won the best composer in the 17th Golden Melody Awards
Quincy Tan (陈仁丰) - singer-songwriter
Victor Wong (黄品冠) - singer-composer
Vinx Lin (林一心) - singer
Wong Lan Yin (王蓝茵) - singer-composer
Yu Heng (邹宇恒) - singer-composer
Z-Chen (张智成) - singer
Gary Cao (曹格) - singer-composer
Namewee (黃明志) - singer-songwriter-music composer
Chan Kwok Fai (曾国辉)-singer,winner of Astro Talent Quest 2005 (Malaysia Astro Singing Competition)
Angelica Lee (李心潔)-singer/actor
Zhang Jue Long (張覺隆)- singer, award-winning composer and entertainer.
Shi Xin Hui (Chew Sin Huey)(石欣卉)-singer,first runner-up in the female category of Project Superstar 2005
Orange (陈慧恬)-singer
Will Ng (黃威爾)-singer
Liu Zhi Wen (刘志文)-singer
Xiao Wei Wei (小薇薇)-singer
Wu Jiahui (伍家辉)-singer
Kah Jun (凌加峻)-singer
Andrew Tan (陈势安)-singer
Yi Jie Qi (易桀齊)-singer
Desiree (陈诗莉)-singer
Amy Wang (王明丽)-singer
Anthony Chang Wee Kuong (郑伟康)-singer,winner of Astro Talent Quest 2006 (Malaysia Astro Singing Competition)
Wayne (王熙强)-singer
Richard (林耀亮)-singer
Dylan Liong (梁佑诚)-singer
Ariel Chang (郑惠心)-singer
Joseph -singer
Henley Hii-singer
Friendz (Friendz组合)-singers,终极天团 Ultimate Power Group champion.
Manhand (Manhand组合)-singers

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